Our team wants every guest to be able to reach their dental goals! Orthodontic care can help your child or teen feel more confident behind their smile. We can recommend the best possible solutions for working towards a properly aligned smile. If you are searching for pediatric or teen orthodontics in Georgia, we partner with Chattahoochee Family Ortho to provide exceptional, first-class care. With advanced technology and an experienced team, your teen will be in good hands as they reach their dental goals! 

Early Orthodontic Treatment

Each patient’s needs will be unique depending on their smile, however many children can begin early orthodontic treatment before they reach their teen years. With consistent dental check-ups, your child’s dentist can keep up on their teeth alignment and recommend orthodontic intervention whenever necessary. Spacers and other methods can be used before your child reaches their teen years to encourage their teeth to develop in a way that saves them from extensive orthodontic treatment down the road. In some cases, children are able to wear braces before entering their teen years.

Traditional Metal Braces 

More advanced than ever before, traditional braces offer a treatment method that can address even the most complex alignment issues. Traditional braces are more comfortable and efficient than in years past, offering an effective and efficient way to straighten your child’s teeth. Many children and teens require traditional braces due to their straightening needs.

Invisalign® Teen

With a discreet straightening system, Invisalign Teen offers a nearly invisible way for teens to work towards a more confident smile! Invisalign Teen fits right in with your teen’s lifestyle, allowing them to enjoy the foods they love and properly care for their oral health throughout treatment. Invisalign Teen also offers a tracking technology that allows their orthodontist to determine if they have been wearing their aligners consistently. Your teen’s orthodontist can evaluate their smile and determine if they are a candidate for Teen Invisalign.

Working With Our Community

At Children & Teen Dental, we are grateful to work with our community whenever we are able! We are pleased to partner with Chattahoochee Family Ortho to offer first-class orthodontic care. If your child or teen is in need of orthodontics, we can help! By scheduling a visit with our team, we can help your child or teen take the first steps in working towards a more confident smile!