Teen Dentistry

Teen dentistry is critical in developing a healthy smile for life. As children enter their teen years, their need for dental care doesn’t go away! Many dental needs may arise as they navigate through their teen years. In fact, in many cases teens require more attention in dental care than they did in their younger years. Our team has much experience with teen dentistry in Georgia, and we invite you to schedule a visit for your teen today! 

Fillings for Cavities

If your teen has an existing cavity that needs to be filled, a metal-free filling can be the perfect solution for restoring their smile. Fillings blend in naturally and help preserve the natural tooth, allowing it to be protected for many years. 

Mouthguards for Sports

Teens involved in contact sports are encouraged to invest in a quality mouthguard to protect their smile as they play. Once permanent teeth are damaged in a sports injury, extensive treatment and costly repairs may be needed to fully restore your teen’s smile. By consistently protecting their smile, your teen can play with confidence and keep their teeth from harm. 

Mouthguards for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding, referred to as bruxism, can greatly damage your teen’s smile. If your teen has a habit of grinding their teeth during the day or while they sleep, a mouthguard can protect their teeth from permanent damage. Left untreated, teeth grinding can lead to loose teeth, sensitive teeth and even tooth loss.

Halitosis Treatment

If your teen is suffering from consistent bad breath, known as halitosis, there may be an underlying cause that needs to be addressed. By scheduling a visit with our team, we can evaluate your teen’s smile and determine the cause of bad breath. Many times, tooth decay, infection or another problem can be contributing to their problem with halitosis. A simple treatment may be all they need to feel confident behind their smile. 

A Place Made for You

At Children & Teen Dental, we believe in a customized, high-quality dental experience. No matter your teen’s age or dental needs, we welcome them with open arms! We treat every guest with first-class care and recommend treatment based on their individual needs. In teen dentistry, we offer the best solution for meeting dental needs and provide the best avenue for parents to help their teens reach their dental goals!